GVM 4,500kg - 8,700kg


GVM 11,000kg - 24,000kg


GCM 38,000kg - 45,000kg


GVM 30,000kg - 35,000kg

Freight & Distribution


AWD & 4x4

Dual Control


Special Purpose




N & F-Series









Our Commitments

Being the leader in trucking means being a role model for the industry. We believe making business more sustainable and equitable is our responsibility.

Minimising our footprint

We’re adopting environmentally-friendly practices across our business. Switching to sustainable materials, reviewing our packaging and encouraging the reuse of products are just a few of the ways we’re reducing waste.

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Reducing emissions

Fuel efficiency is crucial to preventing pollution, which is why our vehicles adhere to the latest exhaust emissions standards. As a leader in diesel engine production, we aim to not only meet but exceed emissions requirements in Australia.

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Embracing accountability

We don’t just hold ourselves to our legal environmental obligations, but also our obligations agreed with suppliers and customers. We educate our staff, Dealer Network and suppliers about sustainable activities, and work together to improve our operations.

Meeting our goals

We’ve set environmental objectives and policy guidelines to ensure we do our part. Our task force aids in implementing tactics and measuring success to help us continually find ways to do better.

Diversity and inclusion

We stand for diversity and inclusion throughout our organisation and the broader transport industry, with a goal to continue to improve diversity and fair gender representation across our corporate and social sphere.

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Our whistleblower protection policy

We recognise the value of fostering a culture of corporate compliance. We’re committed to developing honest and ethical decision-making, engaging in good corporate governance and protecting eligible whistleblowers from victimisation.

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Gender Equality

Isuzu Australia (IAL) has a strong commitment to inclusions and equality in the workplace. IAL recognises its talented and diverse workforce as a key competitive advantage. Our business success reflects the quality and skill of our people. IAL is committed to seeking out and retaining the best employees to ensure business growth and future performance.

Gender Pay Gap Employment Statement

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