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We’re not just the market leader – we’re a leading voice in Australia’s trucking landscape. The country relies on the 40,000 trucks sold each year to keep moving, and our expertise has helped drive the industry forward, locally and globally.

Thoughts From Our Leaders

Our people don’t just lead the company – they spearhead the conversation around trucking. Learn more about what our experts have to say about the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Andrew Harbison on planning in the COVID recovery phase

Director and COO Andrew Harbison believes the industry is poised for sweeping change – growth as usual, not just business as usual.

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Grant Cooper on putting customers first

Chief of Strategy Grant Cooper understands the power of putting people first, highlighting the importance of listening to and learning from customers.

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Les Spaltman on strengthening the sales team

National Sales Manager Les Spaltman talks about the importance of capitalising on every opportunity, from simple enquiries for small businesses to intricate orders for major fleets.

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Brett Stewart on the importance of auto apprenticeships

National Service Manager Brett Stewart encourages workers to start a career in the workshop and highlights the benefits of apprenticeships to businesses.

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Simon Humphries on Australia’s procurement predicament

Chief Engineer Simon Humphries comments on the industry’s slow action to address key factors impacting road transport such as customer preference, labour shortages and compliance.

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The Future of Trucking Report

The road ahead for the trucking industry presents obstacles and optimism for businesses. See the trends and what’s to come in the most extensive industry research of its kind conducted in Australia.

Your Trucking Questions

Whether you’re a new owner or a veteran driver, get up to speed on the most common queries about our trucks.