GVM 4,500kg - 8,700kg


GVM 11,000kg - 24,000kg


GCM 38,000kg - 45,000kg


GVM 30,000kg - 35,000kg

Freight & Distribution


AWD & 4x4

Dual Control


Special Purpose




N & F-Series









Welcome to Isuzu Fleet Customer Partnerships.

By choosing Isuzu, we know that you’re trusting us with the most precious part of your business – your reputation. And we don’t take that responsibility lightly. So when it comes to our fleet customers, we have one simple goal: Be your trusted partner in fleet solutions for life. And with our people and their dedication to understanding your business, we do just that.

Fleet benefits

Reputations run on reliability.

Service & Support.
Range & Productivity.

Behind the scenes, every business needs teams of people to keep things running smoothly. If one of these teams fails, the whole machine can come grinding to halt. With an Isuzu Fleet Partnership, you’ll have dedicated specialists assigned to ensure that every facet of your transport and logistics offerings are flawless. 

It’s no secret that you need the right tools to get any job done. With Isuzu’s enormous range of truck models—along with the opportunity to tailor a custom solution for your specific applications—you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect truck to make your business as productive as possible. 

If there’s one thing that Isuzu trucks are renowned for, it’s their legendary reliability. But what that means for your business is that you can get on with your job without worrying about hold ups and downtime. And that means you’ll be delivering legendary reliability to your customers, too.

How can we help?

Please complete the following form and one of our fleet specialists will be in touch. You can also contact our Customer Care team on 1800 035 640 between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday AEST.

Meet your team Dedicated state based support.

‘Reliability is everything’ is about more than metal. It’s about knowing you have someone to turn to, whether you need support, friendly advice or tailored customer service. Someone who knows your business as well as they know our trucks. That’s where the Isuzu Fleet team comes in.

There when you need us.

With over 70 locations nationwide, our accredited network of Isuzu Truck Dealers and Authorised Service & Parts Outlets are experts at meeting the unique needs of fleet customers. And with one of the largest truck dealer networks in Australia, you’ll never be too far from a dealer if you need support.

Find your nearest dealer

Isuzu Business Partners The best uses only the best.

With Isuzu trucks, the sum is always greater than the parts. But when we do look to partners to supply specific componentry, we look only to the world’s very best suppliers. That’s how we build trucks that are world-renowned for their legendary reliability and suitability for just about any application.

masonry-image Hendrickson Suspension.
masonry-image Michelin Tyres.
masonry-image Allison Transmission.
masonry-image ISRI Air Suspension Seats.

Total cost of ownership Quality that pays off in the long run.

Lifetime total cost of ownership (TCO) is a vital consideration for any vehicle fleet owner. And thanks to our industry-leading reliability, our trucks have a reputation for outstanding resale value in the market.

Looking ahead to a brighter future.

Our role as your trusted fleet partner is to support your business in any way we can. This commitment extends to safeguarding the world in which your business operates and the people who rely on it. Our parent company Isuzu Motors Limited has developed an ambitious vision to minimise environmental impacts and secure a prosperous and sustainable society by 2050. What’s more, we are committed to the aspiration of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This will be achieved in part by reducing energy use and by actively introducing clean renewable energy technologies.

The Future of Commercial EV.

We aim to establish a product lineup that is fully carbon neutral by the year 2040, which we believe will have the added benefit of accelerating EV sales in the decade preceding it. Our OEM electric platform will build on our promise of ‘reliability is everything’, leveraging our comprehensive dealer network, advanced safety features and trucks that go above and beyond in their given application.


Your partner in innovation.

Isuzu has a proud history of working to transform road transport products for the better, and this represents the next exciting chapter in that endeavour. With our steadfast focus on innovation, whether it’s optimising existing and emerging technologies or delivering on our carbon neutral strategy, partnering with Isuzu Fleet is a step towards a brighter future.

It's all up to us.

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) is relatively simple: Every person involved in a supply chain process has a level of responsibility to meet certain safety standards to prevent injury or, in the worst case, death. While it’s hard staying on top of changing rules and requirements in this area, it’s a challenge we need to overcome. At Isuzu, we’re working hard alongside fleet managers to mitigate the risks associated with Chain of Responsibility laws and to make trucking safer for everyone.

Our industry segments A truck for every business.


Emergency services.

Unlike most other industries, emergency services literally deal with life and death situations on a daily basis. They need trucks they can trust with their lives.



Every Australian relies on trucks to keep shelves stocked, restaurants serving, hospitals operating and, of course, a steady stream of packages and parcels being delivered.



Mostly unseen and unnoticed, the waste management sector requires fleets of trucks that never take a day off. If not, things get messy quickly.



When a large part of your business revolves around hiring trucks to people who need them at short notice, you need a fleet that’s easy to use, reliable and ready to go around the clock.



Mining is one of Australia’s most vital industry sectors. But tapping into this wealth of riches means working in some of the toughest environments imaginable. That’s why so many resource companies put their trust in Isuzu trucks.



When power shuts down or the lights go out, things need to get fixed straight away.



From fixing a pothole on a suburban side street right through to enormous infrastructure projects, the public sector keeps a lot of trucks very busy.



The construction industry never stops and it only takes a quick glance at any building site to realise that any truck in a construction fleet has to be built tough.

Our Range Australia’s truck range.

We offer the largest model range in the market. But whatever you choose, each and every Isuzu truck offers superior safety, performance, driveability, comfort, operating costs, productivity and of course reliability.

Protecting what matters.

Isuzu trucks have always been renowned for their reliability. With the evolution of the N Series and F Series, our intelligent suite of safety features means you can now rely on Isuzu to protect your drivers and other road users. We know that as a fleet owner, you play an active role in the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and it’s not always easy to stay on top of changing rules and requirements. While this is a challenge we must all overcome, we’re committed to supporting you by continually improving the safety of our trucks with a range of active and passive features.

Uncommonly clever thinking.

Commonality. It’s a piece of design thinking that makes owning Isuzu trucks more economical and efficient. By manufacturing parts — headlights, for instance — that are common to several models of trucks, we save you money and help keep stock levels high. And by having a common cabin layout across models, we make it easier for drivers to feel at home behind the wheel, even when they swap trucks daily.

Isuzu Sales Information System.

You need trucks that are right for your application – not trucks that are close. That’s why we
created our Isuzu Sales Information System (ISIS), industry-leading technology that lets you
determine whether your dimensions, loaded body and payload placement will be within the
statutory limits. Simply put, it takes your business’ requirements and uses them to provide a superior, fit-for-application trucking solution with an electronic report on your truck’s characteristics and performance.


You’re in good company.

From start-ups to Australia’s biggest businesses, our partners span a range of industries, from logistics and construction to government and emergency services. Whatever your business’ size or industry, we’ll take the time to understand and meet your unique fleet needs.

The industry's most comprehensive customer care programme.

6 Year Factory Warranty.

While we’re confident that our trucks are built to last, we know that lasting peace of mind allows you to focus on what matters most–running your business. Our industry-leading warranty support package includes a six-year factory warranty, covering the cab and chassis. Any Ready-to-Work truck bodies, all AWD/4x4 models and any models operating under harsh applications are still covered by our original 3 year factory warranty.

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6 Year Roadside Assist.

Isuzu Assist is a 6 year, 24-hour roadside assistance program that comes as standard with our trucks. It’s delivered throughout Australia via a highly trained team of technicians and recovery operators. So whatever your business needs it for, it’s reassuring to know that Isuzu is only a phone call away. Any models operating under harsh applications are still covered by our original three-year Roadside Assist.

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Isuzu Care.

When you choose an Isuzu truck, you gain access to our in-house Customer Care Centre, as well as an extensive range of service and innovative support programmes designed to elevate your experience. We call it Isuzu Care.

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Agree to less servicing stress.

We know that business – and costs – can be unpredictable. While we can’t help with all of your outgoings, we can help flatten your truck servicing costs into a single monthly payment aimed at delivering your best CPK. We offer four different levels of coverage, and for our Fleet customers we can tailor