ISUZU Australia Limited (IAL) are a leader in Trucks, Engines and Parts for the Australian market. To date we have been very successful in Australia and IAL believe we have a social and corporate responsibility to protect the environment we operate in.  


  • Protect the environment and adopt sustainable practices throughout our operations to make Australia a cleaner, safer and healthier place for future generations.

  • Fulfil our environmental legal obligations.

  • Identify and comply with the environmental obligations which have been agreed to with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

  • Prevention of pollution of the environment from normal, abnormal or emergency conditions by means of adequate operational controls and an emergency preparedness plan.


  • Setting and reviewing environmental objectives

  • Introducing a continuous improvement process to assess and implement environmental initiatives, measure and review our progress in line with our objectives. – Managed through Environment Task Force that meets regularly with representation from all departments.

  • To review our packaging practices and implement sustainable packaging initiatives. – Type of packaging products used e.g. plastics polystyrene, and how products are disposed of.

  • Change to more sustainable materials.

  • Work with our carrier partners to improve their environmental performance. – Achieved through Open Dialogue and Purchasing Selection Criteria to determine types of vehicles used, emissions, sustainable driver training, how sustainable driver behaviour is rewarded.

  • Developing procurement policy Guidelines that specifies environmental requirements for key purchased goods and services.

  • Minimising the creation of waste and wherever possible establish a use for such waste. Achieved through encouraging creative ways to reuse packaging materials. Currently recycling skids, pallets, and packaging materials.

  • Ensuring, where practicable, all company operated vehicles and equipment are as environmentally and fuel efficient as reasonably possible. Currently IAL haveCo2 emission levels set for company operated vehicles.  

  • Continually improve the environmental management system to enhance our environmental performance. Managed through the Environmental Task Force that meets regularly with representation from all departments.

  • Ensure the policy is communicated to our employees, suppliers, contractors and other interested parties. Included in Inductions, internal website, and Supplier Audit Process. Also, IAL commitment promoted through allowing employees attend community volunteer days such as tree planting.

  • Educate our staff, dealer network and suppliers in sustainable practices, and wherever possible encourage our customers to adopt similar strategies. Established through regular communication and discussion to establish agreed improvement plans and timelines.