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Environmental Policy

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan). IAL is responsible for the sale, marketing, distribution and dealer support of a range of light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, including distribution of parts and engines through the IAL Dealer Network.

At IAL, we recognise our social and corporate responsibility to safeguard the environment within which we operate. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is deeply rooted in our values and is further strengthened by our adherence to ISO 14001 standards.

Our commitment encompasses several key elements:

  • We are dedicated to complying with all our environmental legal obligations by adhering to relevant laws, regulations, and standards that apply to our business activities.
  • We communicate our environmental obligations with our suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders to ensure an understanding of our responsible business practices and to serve as a foundation for our collaborative efforts.
  • IAL is resolute in preventing environmental pollution from normal, abnormal, or emergency conditions by means of operational controls and an emergency preparedness plan.

Oversight of the implementation, communication and regular review of this Policy is the responsibility of the Sustainability Committee.  The Sustainability Committee comprises key stakeholders within IAL’s business and the Committee meets on a regular basis to review and action environmental related plans and activities.

Our approach to realising these commitments involves several proactive actions:

Environmental Objectives: We establish environmental objectives and periodically review their progress. These objectives serve as guiding principles for our actions and our dedication to continual improvement.

Continuous Improvement: IAL is committed to monitor, review, and report on environmental indicators, and strive for continual improvement.

Procurement Policy Guidelines: We will developing and communicate procurement policy guidelines that specify environmental requirements for key goods and services. This ensures that our suppliers align with our sustainability goals and targets.

Packaging Practices & Waste: We regularly assess our packaging practices to minimise environmental impact. We actively integrate in our practices sustainable packaging initiatives, we seek to minimise waste generation and look for ways to repurpose or recycle waste materials.

Efficiency in Vehicles and Equipment: We consider environmental factors when purchasing and leasing IAL staff fleet vehicles via a policy that encourages vehicle selection based on CO2 emissions to reduce our carbon footprint.

Communication and Education: We ensure that this environmental policy is communicated to all employees, suppliers, contractors, and other stakeholders. Our mission extends to educating our staff, dealer network, and suppliers in sustainable practices by regular communication and collaborative efforts to establish improvement plans and timelines. We actively encourage employee participation in community volunteer activities and employees are encouraged to participate in a paid annual volunteer day to promote our commitment.

At IAL, we recognise that protecting the environment is not only our corporate responsibility but also a vital aspect of our social commitment. Through unwavering dedication and proactive measures, we aim to minimise the impact on the environment, reduce our ecological footprint, and inspire positive change within our industry and beyond.


Approved By: Takeo Shindo

Position: Managing Director/CEO

Date Approved: 26/03/2024                     


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