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GVM 4,500kg - 8,700kg


GVM 11,000kg - 24,000kg


GCM 38,000kg - 45,000kg


GVM 30,000kg - 35,000kg

Freight & Distribution


AWD & 4x4

Dual Control


Special Purpose




N & F-Series









Isuzu Extended Care

Gain the peace of mind provided by a 5* year Isuzu factory warranty and 24/7 Roadside Assist package.

Extended Support

Available on application for select NPS, FSS and FTS models, Extended Care can be purchased to add additional assurance to applicable to models with a 3 year standard warranty and roadside assist package, taking your total care to 5 years. Contact your local dealer today to check your eligibility.


5 Year Factory Warranty

Enjoy the exceptional level of assurance provided with the original Isuzu Factory Warranty extended to 5 years (covering your truck for up to 400,000 kilometers or 6,000 hours).


5 Year Roadside Assistance

We recognise that unfortunate events do occur on the road, flat tires, electrical issues, batteries can die unpredictably - when they do they can potentially wreck the productivity of a whole day. That’s why Isuzu have developed the Isuzu Assist program. It covers you 24/7 and is only a phone call away on 1800 947 898.

THE ISUZU NETWORK All the extra benefits that come with owning an Isuzu.

We realise that reliability means so much more to you than just a mechanically reliable truck.

Isuzu cares more.

Isuzu Care is the most comprehensive customer care truck programme ever seen in Australia. Whatever help you need, wherever you are, Care is just a Freecall away on 1800 035 640.

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Set your servicing to cruise control.

Regular services help keep your truck, and productivity, running smoothly. An Isuzu Service Agreement does the same for your business. It smooths out your cash flow across the year and saves you from unexpected bills.

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The biggest dealer network by far.

The Isuzu truck dealer network covers more of Australia than any other. So it doesn’t matter where you live, work or travel, you’ll never be too far from your next truck service (or your next test drive).

Need a hand?

You know your business back to front. You can’t be expected to be a truck expert too. Luckily, we are. If you need help with specs and configurations, get in touch.