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Servicepack range.

Our Ready-to-Work Servicepacks are ready to go hard from day one.

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Truck-sized tool trolley.

There’s a place for everything in our Servicepack range. Lockable separate storage boxes mean you can get your hands on your tools and gear quickly. Open up the easy-access gullwing doors and you'll find a large spacious central unit that makes storage even more versatile.

Tons of space, no invaders.

The central locking system of our Servicepack X also locks up all of the back too. That’s all of the tool and storage boxes along the sides and the large spacious storage unit at the rear. Just click your key and you know your gear is safe from invasion at all times.

Welcome aboard.

Enjoy the Servicepack's spacious single cab layout. Ideal for flying solo or with a small crew.

ADAS. A smart system designed to keep road users safe.

The road is a complex and constantly changing environment and everyone can do with a bit of help to stay safe. With our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), you have a complete network of active and passive safety features all working together constantly to protect you and other drivers and pedestrians. With state-of the-art sensors and multiple cameras, ADAS is the smarter way to safer roads.

Active Safety Features

With active safety technology on board, a system of sensors constantly monitor the truck’s performance and surroundings. The aim is to prevent accidents before they happen, but if a collision is unavoidable, active safety features help reduce the impact.

If the driver fails to brake in the case of a pedestrian, cyclist or other vehicle appearing unexpectedly, the AEB system brakes automatically to avoid a collision. The brake light will be illuminated during this process.

The Traffic Movement Warning system monitors stationary vehicles in front of your truck. If the vehicle immediately ahead moves more than set distance and you don’t follow along, a warning sounds. A very handy touch at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

DWS helps you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead by giving a warning if a pre-set distance is reached. (You can choose from four pre-set minimum distances). A very handy touch in urban traffic conditions.

ESC uses data from a number of sensors, to monitor driver input and vehicle control. If it detects understeer, oversteer or roll-over, ESC can override driver input, reduce power and/or apply individual wheel braking and assist the driver to maintain vehicle control.

LDW detects lane markings or road edges and if the driver wanders out of their lane, it sounds a warning. Driver can select two sensitivity settings, or switch OFF.

ABS determines if a wheel is locked and not turning. It then releases the locked wheel brake and reapplies pressure to reduce locking and maintain control, allowing the driver to effectively steer and brake at same time.

ASR detects when either rear wheel is spinning faster than the other on a loose surface, then reduces torque and/or applies the spinning wheel’s brake to improve traction.

HSA is included on trucks with manual transmissions. When the brake pedal is applied on a hill, the brake pressure is maintained until the clutch is released (or eight minutes) so that the truck won’t roll backwards when starting.

ALS monitors exterior light levels and automatically turns on the headlights and tail-lights if needed.

If the cab tilt is not fully locked, the CTW sounds an alarm and flashes an alert light on the multi-information display.

By measuring the vehicle speed signal and the engine speed, the CSL controls the fuel injection volume to the engine so that the truck can’t exceed a pre-set speed.

Passive Safety Features

Passive safety technology is designed to lessen the consequences of an accident by preventing or managing the forces of any impact. While these features are sometimes referred to as ‘secondary’ safety technology, they are critical for preventing injuries and saving lives.

In the event of a collision, the Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) will determine if the incident is above certain intensity, airbags are deployed in a split second to cushion the cabin occupants and help reduce any injuries.

If it senses sharp braking that indicates an accident, the Seatbelt Pre-tensioner automatically tensions the seatbelt to pull the occupant back into the seat and reduce the chance of injuries.

A certification based on a United Nations global test, the ECE-R29 cabin rating means that the truck’s cab has been designed to withstand excessive deforming in case of an incident. This rating isn’t currently mandatory in Australia, but cabins that are ECE-R29 rated generally offer superior occupant protection.

Additional reinforcement installed into the door structure, Anti-Intrusion Bars protect cabin occupants in case of an incident.

Turning into laneways and driveways, as you know, can be tricky. Especially at night. That’s when our clever cornering lamps come into play. Turning on your indicators turns them on as well, while your headlights still aim forwards.

Technology & features Your door to the world.

When you climb into a Servicepack, you get the latest in global technology designed to give you a safe, efficient and comfortable ride.

masonry-image Reversing Camera

Watch your back.

Reversing cameras are a luxury in many trucks. Not so with an Isuzu Servicepack. It comes standard with a seriously clever rear camera. It doesn’t just make reversing safer, you can use it to check your trailer when you’re driving forward too.

masonry-image Cab Interior

Packed full of thinking.

Cabs are anything but an afterthought with Isuzu. Naturally, we start by ensuring there’s plenty of space for occupants. Then we design the ergonomics of the controls, seating, storage, lighting, visibility and safety. We make our cabs so accommodating, you may never want to leave.

masonry-image 4x4

Tame any terrain.

The higher-rated NPS 4x4 models come specified with fully-floating axles, suspended by alloy-steel leaf springs and double-acting shock absorbers.

masonry-image Multimedia Unit

Multimedia at your fingertips.

The MyIsuzu Co-Pilot multimedia system features a 10.1 inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and digital/internet stations. Navigate through the menu, or for even greater convenience and safety, use voice-controls for many of the available functions. Hands-free Bluetooth is standard.

masonry-image MyIsuzu Co-Pilot

Make your way with MyIsuzu Co-Pilot.

MyIsuzu Co-Pilot is a seamlessly integrated system that features a tailored truck specific navigation experience with a user-friendly interface. In addition to truck-specific routing (which accounts for the dimensions of the truck being driven), the system will provide the end-user with over-the-air ‘smart’ capabilities such as live traffic information and live map updates* (provided the unit is connected to WiFi or a phone hotspot). It also comes with an intuitive custom navigation experience featuring speed camera alerts, maximum speed, hazmat specifications, and more. MyIsuzu Co-Pilot – designed to help you work smarter, not harder. *3 year subscription.

masonry-image Short Wheelbase

Built like a truck. Handles like a car.

Need something for tight places? Pick the short wheelbase (SWB) Servicepack. It has a smaller tray overhang to make parking easier in any average residential street or driveway.

masonry-image Automated Manual Transmission

Get the right gear.

The Servicepack is with available with manual, Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) or Automated Manual Transmission with Torque Converter (TC-AMT), designed and tested specifically for trucks.

masonry-image Diesel Engine

Power to spare.

When it comes to pulling power, business relies on diesel engines. The Servicepack has two common rail intercooled turbo-diesel options. Our 110kW (150PS) power plant delivers 375Nm of torque while our 140kW (190PS) punches out 513Nm @ 2600rpm.

masonry-image Isuzu Electronic Stability Control

Steady on its feet.

With 4-wheel disc brakes and the intelligence of Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC), the Isuzu Servicepack is as surefooted as they come. IESC detects when your truck isn't going where you want it to go, then applies the brakes strategically to help you stay in control. Included on all 4x2 models.

masonry-image Safety Features

Safety baked in.

All Servicepack models are built to the latest world-class ECE-R29 safety standard. Double side-intrusion bars, seatbelt pre-tensioners and SRS dual airbags can protect you in an accident. Four-wheel-disc brakes and Electronic Stability Control (IESC) are standard and can help you avoid one.

“This truck means anyone can jump in it and start driving, and it feels like driving a car.”

Justin Moore

JLM Plumb’N’Gasfit

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Need a hand?

You know your business back to front. You can’t be expected to be a truck expert too. Luckily, we are. If you need help with specs and configurations, get in touch.

The Isuzu Network All the extra benefits that come with owning an Isuzu.

We realise that reliability means so much more to you than just a mechanically reliable truck.

6 Year factory warranty.

All new MY21 4x2 N Series trucks come standard with our brand new, industry-leading 6 year factory warranty, covering the cab and chassis only. Any Ready-to-Work truck bodies and all AWD, 4x4 and F series models are still covered by the original 3-year factory warranty.

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6 Year roadside assist.

Isuzu Assist is a 6 year, 24-hour roadside assistance program that comes at no extra cost with all new MY21 N Series 4x2 trucks. So if you run out of fuel, lose your keys, or get a flat tyre (or battery), Isuzu Assist will be there to sort it out.

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Set your servicing to cruise control.

Regular services help keep your truck, and productivity, running smoothly. An Isuzu Service Agreement does the same for your business. It smooths out your cash flow across the year and saves you from unexpected bills.

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Isuzu cares more.

Isuzu Care is the most comprehensive customer care truck programme ever seen in Australia. Whatever help you need, wherever you are, Care is just a Freecall away on 1800 035 640.

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Make your truck yours - with Isuzu accessories.

Want your truck to work more like an office? Or maybe you want it to have more personality. Isuzu accessories are designed and made to our high Isuzu standards. They can make a real difference to your comfort and productivity.

The biggest dealer network by far.

The Isuzu truck dealer network covers more of Australia than any other. So it doesn’t matter where you live, work or travel, you’ll never be too far from your next truck service (or your next test drive).

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Isuzu Ready-to-Work range. Playtime's over.

Isuzu Ready-to-Work trucks can carry around a tonne more than a typical ute, most only requiring a standard car licence. 

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