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GVM 4,500kg - 8,700kg


GVM 11,000kg - 24,000kg


GCM 38,000kg - 45,000kg


GVM 30,000kg - 35,000kg

Freight & Distribution


AWD & 4x4

Dual Control


Special Purpose




N & F-Series









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FAQs Your questions answered

Below you can find answers to some common questions you may have about your Isuzu.

Our New Isuzu range is well over 100 models some of which can be ordered by the Dealer with an optional Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) and Gross Combined Mass (GCM) rating to suit customer requirements, where legally possible.


When a customer order is placed, it will be ordered with the rating that is required. Where a vehicle is already in Dealer stock, the Dealer will be required re-rate the vehicle based on the customer's requirements through the manufacturer before registration.


Where a truck is purchased second hand and requires re-rating, the Owner of the vehicle will have to seek advice from an independent engineer who can assist in the re-rating process. The engineer will usually ask for a letter from the manufacturer to confirm that it can be re-rated.


The Isuzu Customer Care Centre can provide Specification Sheets which have all the applicable information.

Current standard Isuzu Truck colour - Arctic White.

Prior to 1993 (pre-New Generation models) - Glacier White.

12 additional colours introduced to the 2011 truck range:


Please refer to the Recommended Fluids, Lubricants and Diesel Fuels section in chapter 7 - Service & Maintenance of your Owner’s Manual.

Additional copies of Owner Manuals and Owner Supplement Manuals are available for purchase from the Parts Department of any authorised Isuzu Dealership. The contact details for any Isuzu Dealer can be found here on the website or by calling the Isuzu Customer Care Centre on 1800 035 640.

The vehicle cannot exceed 4500kg GVM if driving on a car license. Hence reason our 'car licence models' are not rated more than 4500kg.

Unlike passenger type vehicles such as the Holden Commodore, there are a far greater and unique number of variables that affect the fuel consumption of a truck. These variables include body type, load type, load weight, load weight distribution, additionally fitted equipment such as PTO devices, driver habits and prevailing weather and road conditions. This means no two trucks are identical or operated in the same manner.


As a result of these variables, Isuzu Australia and our authorised dealership network do not provide official fuel consumption figures on our range of trucks.

The GVM is the maximum weight that a truck can carry including its own weight.

Find you dealer here on the website or contact the Isuzu Customer Care Centre on 1800 035 640