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Isuzu Sales Information System (ISIS)

img_isis.jpg (1)Isuzu Dealers are equipped with the computer based Isuzu Sales Information System (called ISIS for short). ISIS is a software program that has been designed to enable Isuzu dealers to select the most suitable truck for your application, based on the information you provide.

Once programmed with your information, ISIS can electronically simulate how the truck will perform in terms of its weight distribution, available power and other important performance characteristics.

Purchasing the wrong truck can be not only inconvenient but very costly. Therefore we recommend that you rely on your Isuzu Dealer and ISIS to assist you in your choice.

img_isis03.jpgAdditionally, all truck dimensions and mass placement when loaded must comply with the relevant statutory regulations and limitations. It is your responsibility to ensure that the truck you purchase meets these regulations and does not exceed the statutory limitations set down by the state or territory where the vehicle will operate.