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Safety Features

All Freightpack cabs are built to the internationally-recognized ECE-R29 cab strength safety standard, so they’re world-class. Yellow painted handles, step inserts and 3-points of contact decals mean the safety starts before the engine does. All Freightpacks come with driver and passenger airbags as standard, but the 10-pallet FRR 110-240 FREIGHTPACK also features with Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC). So in an Isuzu, you’ll always work safe.

Intelligent Multimedia Display

The Isuzu Freightpack now features an all-new multimedia unit with a 6.2”display as standard. Features include:

iTuner: working through your phones WiFi or mobile data connection iTuner allows you to connect to internet radio stations around the world.

Text to Speech SMS: Your Freightpack will read your SMS messages to you to allow you to keep your eyes on the road.

Satellite Navigation: All Trucks come with Isuzu Satellite Navigation, giving you access to features such as enhanced 3D map images incorporating city models and landmarks, truck specific information and route calculation, text to speech guidance and split screen functionality that allows you to view maps and media simultaneously.


All Freightpacks have the ISRI 6860 air-suspension driver’s seat as standard. And it’s anything but standard. It has an integrated lap-sash seatbelt with pre-tensioner, head restraint, dual-stage air lumbar/lateral support, integrated pneumatic system, adjustable shock-absorber and body-hugging upholstery from head to knee. Which is all top news for your back and behind.

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F FRR FRR 110-240 FREIGHTPACK 11000 14500 177/2400 765/1600 PDF
F FRR FRR 110-260 FREIGHTPACK 11000 20000 191/2400 761/1450 - 2400 PDF
F FSR FSR 120-240 FREIGHTPACK 12000 16000 177/2400 765/1600 PDF
F FSR FSR 120-260 FREIGHTPACK 12000 20000 191/2400 761/1450 - 2400 PDF
F FSR FSR 140-240 FREIGHTPACK 14000 16000 177/2400 765/1600 PDF
F FSR FSR 140-260 FREIGHTPACK 14000 20000 191/2400 761/1450 - 2400 PDF
F FVL FVL 240-300 FREIGHTPACK 24000 32000 221/2400 981/1450 PDF